Action Arcade Wrestling 3

Action Arcade Wrestling 3 (AAW3) is the third installment of the best-selling retro pro wrestling game series. Created in Unreal Engine 4, AAW3 will be co-released by the original creator, Dave Horn alongside VICO Game Studio. The game will once again pay homage to the 16-bit era of arcade wrestling games. The current plan is to release the game on PC first, then look into releasing it on home consoles. 


The release date is TBD. Our plan is to get the game to the point where we can look into a Steam early access. 


Nothing is off limits
Whether it's a simple drop toe hold or a flamethrower to the face, AAW3 will allow users to control the severity of the action.  Borrowing elements from both wrestling and fighting games, users will experience up-tempo mayhem whether or not they choose to keep the action limited to traditional wrestling holds, or open the fight up to lasers, fireballs and grenades. My hope is that the game is only guided by fun. We're jumping the shark right from the beginning!

Please stay tuned and hopefully you'll have some fun with AAW3.

Action Arcade Wrestling 2

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Action Arcade Wrestling 2
is an independently created wrestling video game.


The sequel to the best-selling Xbox Live Indie game, Action Arcade Wrestling, Action Arcade Wrestling 2 (AAW2) is a 1-4 player 2.5D retro arcade game. Influenced by the styles of 90s wrestling games, both in the 16-bit consoles and arcade machines, AAW2 brings a new look and feel to the genre.

It is created with the SunBurn Engine. For more information, please check out this Web site, my Facebook and YouTube accounts for constant updates.


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