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CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling (CAAW) is an evolution of wrestling arcade games from the 90’s! Developed in Unreal Engine 4, CAAW will feature: 

  • fun, fast-paced arcade-style 2.5D action 
  • cel-shaded look
  • detailed arena and wrestler edit mode 
  • a simple 2-action-button control scheme, ideal for gamepad or keyboard 
  • hundreds of unique animations 
  • many different match types, including trios bouts 
  • realistic cloth and rope physics 
  • diverse weapons selection 
  • the zany and colorful cast of characters from global cult phenomenon, CHIKARA!


Nothing is off limits!

Whether it's a simple drop toe hold, or a plasma blast to the face, CAAW gives users complete control over all the crazy action! Borrowing elements from both wrestling and fighting games, CAAW opens the wacky world of professional wrestling up even wider, granting the user power to employ not just traditional wrestling holds, but lasers, fireballs, rocket launchers and more! 



Updates, Updates, Updates!

Professional wrestling games offer infinite possibilities! There are always more things to add. CAAW will continue to expand in the areas of match types, creation/mod tools, weapons, animations, roster, arenas, etc. We’re going to build a strong gameplay foundation first. Then from there… the sky’s the limit!


We are currently greenlit on Steam!

Action Arcade Wrestling 2

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Action Arcade Wrestling 2
is an independently created wrestling video game.


The sequel to the best-selling Xbox Live Indie game, Action Arcade Wrestling, Action Arcade Wrestling 2 (AAW2) is a 1-4 player 2.5D retro arcade game. Influenced by the styles of 90s wrestling games, both in the 16-bit consoles and arcade machines, AAW2 brings a new look and feel to the genre.


It is created with the SunBurn Engine. For more information, please check out this Web site, my Facebook and YouTube accounts for constant updates.


Purchase it here!

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