About the Developer

So I've gotten several requests to know a little more about me.


Well, I'm a small business owner born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.


I have a wonderful family... a devoted and incredible wife, amazingly supportive parents and two perfect little kids. I'm constantly trying to be a good christian, husband, business owner and father.


In my spare time (not that there is a lot of it) I enjoy creating video games as a hobby. I've actually been creating wrestling games since I was a kid - using everything from scissors and tape to BASIC to Macromedia Director and all the way up to now the Unreal Engine. It's always been a fun hobby for me. I also created a completely free mobile game called Tappy Golf.


In my non-video-game-making spare time, I love to golf, watch my Steelers and Penguins, shoot pool & basketball, play with my kids and of course, play video games. You'll usually find me on NHL 16. I was also (once upon a time) a professional saxophone player.


I tend to try and tread the nerd/non-nerd fine line. So I can tell you what the benefits of a state machine design pattern in C# are, however I can also describe a cover 2 defense. :)

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