AAW2 Customizer

The AAW2 Customizer is a Windows compatible application that allows you to do the following:


  • Add custom textures to created wrestlers and arenas
  • Export wrestlers and arenas to share with others
  • Import wrestlers and arenas that others have shared with you
  • Save your textures wrestlers and arenas to a USB drive and use them in the Xbox Live Indie game, Action Arcade Wrestling 2

Download link to latest version

Clich Here to purchase the game.


Click Here for the latest version of the Customizer


Minimum Requirements

  • Windows Vista and higher with .NET Framework 4
    (link provided in the installer).
  • DirectX 10 graphics card with Shader Model 3 support.
  • At least 1Gb of ram.
  • At least 1Gb of Hard drive space.
  • An Intel Pentium 4 or higher processor.


Please let me know via my facebook page what problems you might have. I'll be updating the customizer with different versions so I'll be able to correct major bugs if they arise.

Make sure you do the following if you've already installed a previous version:

  • Uninstall the "original" V1.3 Customiser from the PC using Control Panel - Programs - Uninstall
  • Delete the MyDocuments - SavedGames folder
  • Delete the AAW2 Customizer foler in you Program Files if it's still there
  • Format the USB stick to 256MB on the XBox as per the tutorial video.
  • Made a really quick 'default' wrestler
  • Use the XBox to PC transfer button on AAW2 game
  • Installed the new version of the Customizer
  • Put the 256MB XBox fomatted USB stick into the PC
  • Opened up the Customizer (it takes a while the first time it opens, but after that it's pretty quick)
  • Once it opens it should recognize your inserted USB stick and give you the option import downloaded/exported wrestlers (less than 20 at a time).
  • Put it back in the xbox and transfer using the PC to Xbox Button


Version History


Version 1.4

Increased compatibility.


Version 1.3

Fixed the paths to work with the retail version.

Version 1.1

Re-mapped models to provide a more consistent texturing across multiple body types. 

AAW2 Importer Utility

Unfortunately some computers are incompatible with the full version of the customizer. So we've created a "lite" version called the AAW2 Importer. This will allow you to import (only) arenas and wrestlers you may have downloaded from sites like the Wrestling Legends Forum.



Click Here to download the latest version of the AAW2 Importer.


To use it, plug in the USB to your PC (after the Xbox to PC step – see the instructional video above to properly format and ready the USB), then drag any downloaded wrestler or arena into the lite importer and follow the prompts.

Helpful Resource Files

Below are some files that will help you in using the customizer.

Please note that the files in this zip file are compatible with Customizer versions 1.1 and up.

Layered Photoshop Wrestler Template
This zip file includes 2 layered templates in PSD format. AAW2UserRingTemplate.psd to help you texture the arenas. AAW2 Wrestler Template v3 by jcsix.psd to help you texture the wrestlers.
AAW2Templates (V3).zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [8.5 MB]

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